Trivia Edit

Meeting the Loyalist Edit

  • The name of the gas-station at the beginning of the level appears to be YELISYEEVSKIJ.
  • The random Loyalist the player meets in the beginning of the level will always carry a G36C.
    Loyalist Soldier

    Loyalist Soldier with G36C Note: The Loyalist's Soldier name is Dimitri Petrenko

  • In the beginning of the mission, the Russian soldier says "They're killing the villagers!", yet when going up the hill, there are no people or their corpses to be seen.

Searching the Houses Edit

  • The Minigun attached to the chopper in the mission "Heat" does not appear.
  • There is a burning BMP-2 near the third house, and, when approached, the "Hold use to plant the explosives" message appears, but C4 can't actually be planted.
  • If the BMP moves down next to the downed helicopter, the Javelin can be used on it. However, the firing mode is direct fire, not top-attack fire mode.

Interrogation and Execution of Al-Asad Edit

  • When Gaz gives Price Al-Asad's phone he states that it's "his cellphone" which can be seen as strange as the term "cellphone" is almost never used in British dialect. The words "mobile" or simply "phone" would have been more accurate.
  • During the interrogation, the player can leave the barn and run away. The sounds of the interrogation and execution will fade with distance, but Gaz and Price's final exchange of the level will still be heard as clear as if the player were still in the room.
  • When playing this mission in Spanish, Al-Asad says: "No era yo" (It wasn't me) when Captain Price beats him. This is evidenced during the Modern Warfare 3 mission "Blood Brothers", as the nuke is set off by Makarov.
    • This also happens when playing in German: "Ich wars nicht" (It wasn't me)
  • During the interrogation, the player can still activate/deactivate night vision. However, the sound of the player putting on/removing the night vision goggles does not play.

General Edit

  • When Imran Zakhaev was on his cellular phone with Al-Asad, the voice repeats the Russian words Sgt. Kamarov said during Blackout.
  • In Modern Warfare Remastered, Imran Zakhaev's voice is different, unlike in Call of Duty 4.
  • If the player looks at the supporting helicopter, there is no pilot or gunner.
  • If the "give all" cheat is used, the player will get a Desert Eagle and a M1911 that zooms in farther than normal when looking down the iron sights and a strange RPG that makes the sound of a rocket from a chopper, and that RPG will run out of ammo, even with the use of the intel cheat "Infinite Ammo". The RPG will travel far faster than a normal one, and provide a less noticeable smoke trail, similar to the Thumper of Modern Warfare 2.
  • When Cpt. Price tells Gaz to assemble the team, Gaz says "Yes sir. I hear it's lovely this time of the year." However, the subtitles read, "Yes sir. I hear it's lovely this time of year."