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For the Call of Duty 3 level, see Saint-Lô (Level).

Saint-Lô is a town in France where the Allies attacked during World War II.

History Edit

Saint-Lô is attacked by the American 29th Infantry Division during World War II. Its first appearance is in the game Call of Duty 3 as the first mission and also the downfall of a Sherman tank which Guzzo saves Nichols in.

The Battle Edit

In Call of Duty 3 the Americans used jeeps and "Deuce and a Half"'s to transport troop to the battle and some are destroyed along the way. The Americans arrive around the town while some arrive at an old church. The troops move up, kill the Germans in the church, and destroy the German MG42s and tanks.&nbsp The Americans take several locations and buildings in Saint-Lô to defeat the Germans.

The training level starts out with Private Huxley telling Nichols to shoot four helmets in a row. The next thing is that he will throw a smoke and fragmentation grenade. Then, Nichols and his squad heads to the front in the truck. But the Germans have managed to push the U.S. forces back where it gets blown up. He is on the ground, which then he'll get dragged to safety by Dixon and another soldier. Then, the soldier gets shot, so Nichols gets up to form up with Sergeant Frank McCullin. This is where the player meets Guzzo, the squad's new radio operator. Then, Nichols get a boost from Guzzo to go over the brick wall and fight through the level.

Once Nichols goes through the church on the left, McCullin tells him to clear out a blown up building. Once he walks through the door he's immediately attacked by a German soldier. The player is now in a fist fight with this soldier. Once he's done with him Nichols has to spot targets for a tank because it's getting hammered by several MG-42s. After that, Nichols's tank blows up suddenly, causing him to meet up with the rest of his squad and they keep moving through the building to take out the MG42s that have the troops pinned down. Then, Nichols go to a German command post and clear it. After that, he fights of an approaching German Panzer. The squad keeps fighting until reinforcements arrive (in the form of Sherman tanks) and the level then ends.

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