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Codghostsicon Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction icon
Seeder Extinction Mayday CoDG
Appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Country Stormbreaker
Type Cryptid
Active Yes
Level Mayday
Announcer {{{announcer}}}

The Seeder is a Cryptid that appears in the Mayday chapter of Extinction. It is similar to the Scorpion due to the fact that it shoots acidic liquid, but a difference between the two cryptids is that the Seeder can lay larvae that can sprout into a mutated plant, called a Seeder Turret, that act as automated sentry guns and attack players.

They seem to be a combination of a Scorpion and a Seeker. because they have the effects of both they are a very dangerous enemy to confront in close combat and are equally difficult to fight at a distance.

Upon death, the Seeder explodes like a Seeker damaging nearby players and leaves behind a poisonous gas cloud. It also has the same shape and size of a Seeker, albeit a different colour of yellow instead of red.

The Seeder is a very dangerous Cryptid and should not be underestimated. It has fairly high health, rivalling the Hunter with the speed and agility to match, spits a larvae that attacks the player from afar by attaching onto walls, roofs, etc., explodes upon death and occasionally fires the Acid cloud.

The Seeder houses generate a large amount of cash (base amount of $1,250) upon death and many can spawn at any time, even at the starting point, allowing a risky, yet porfitable way to quickly earn money.


  • The Level 3 Medic upgrade does not protect the player from the Seeder gas attack, like it would a Scorpions', making one of the classes most useful abilities effectively useless.

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