Ryan Jackson: Frank Woods knew first-hand what it is to be a POW. When he learned that one of his men survived the crash at Yamantau and was subsequently picked up by the KGB, he was ready to go in guns blazing. But Agent Hudson made the tough call - the man is lost and they couldn't risk a rescue mission. According to transcripts, Woods responded as follows: "Not in this lifetime. Drop me here. I'll walk if I have to."


Woods starts in a building. He ambushes enemy soldiers outside and goes through an indoor tunnel to a room.

Woods: Where the fuck is he?! Talk, you commie motherfucker! They're gonna pick you guys out of the ceiling when I'm done. Where the fuck are you keeping him?! I know he's fucking here.

Hudson: Woods, talk to me! What's the situation?

Woods: What the fuck is goin' on, Hudson? This place, it's not a usual KGB torture shack.

Hudson: What are you talking about?

Woods: Smells like fuckin' Nova again. This is it. Ground zero. The whole fuckin' operation is centered right here.

Hudson: You're shitting me.

Woods clears the room with computers and enters the hallways. He finds the prisoner with a gas mask tied and bound with ropes.

Woods: Oh, fuck! Fuck!

Hudson: What is it, Woods?

Woods: They used him as a goddamn guinea pig.

Hudson: Keep it together, Woods, you got a job to do.

Woods: Fuck the job, this fuckin' place is gonna burn!

Woods plants bombs on large Nova canisters and begins escaping the base. He leaves the computer room and goes up the stairs outside.

Hudson: Extraction ETA thirty minutes. Can you hold out?

Woods: I'm guessin' there's a hind somewhere in this shithole. And I'm gonna use it.

He continues through the base and reaches the hind. An enemy comes up behind, and Woods kills him.