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There are 5 ciphers and 1 scrap paper in Shadows of Evil.

Cipher #1 Edit

The plaintext is as follows:

"The elders will continue to seed space and time I must lead them to the place they cannot see"

Cipher #2 Edit

The plaintext is as follows:

"Although they have discovered the way Primis will fail"

Cipher #3 Edit

The plaintext is as follows:

"M is interested in these worthless beings all his work will be undone X"

Cipher #4 Edit

This cipher uses the Tupper's self-referential formula.

The plaintext is as follows:

"The formless one, will be their downfall"

Cipher #5 Edit

The plaintext is as follows:

"I am willing to do what must be done the plan must not fail"

Scrap Paper Edit

There's a scrap paper around the map. The paper shows various drawings and notes from Edward Richtofen, detailing his knowledge of multiple universes and timelines. The drawing also shows four coordinates leading to four location which are visited in future Zombies maps: Lower Silesia, Hohenwerfen Castle, Pohnpei Island and Stalingrad.

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