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Shadows of Evil Cast
Shadows of Evil Cast BO3
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Country United States of America
Type Survivor Group
Active 1944
Level Shadows of Evil
Announcer N/A

The Shadows of Evil Cast is the name given to the four playable characters in the Zombies map Shadows of Evil in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

History Edit

The four characters (Jessica Rose, Jack Vincent, Floyd Campbell and Nero Blackstone) were all residence of Morg City, a city located in the United States of America. Each of them committed heinous crimes for their own personal gains. These crimes were observed by the Apothicon harbinger known as the Shadowman, who was given intel on them by a hired reporter. After branding each of them with the Mark of the Beast, the Shadowman transports the four into a warped version of the city, which has been infested by zombies. Telling them the only way to confess their sins was to sacrifice something close to each of them, the Shadowman manipulates the four to retrieve the Summoning Key, an ancient artifact that was retrieved by the Shadowman's reporter. Using the Summoning Key, the four sacrificed their related partners (Jessica sacrificed her producer, Jack sacrificed his partner, Floyd sacrificed his promoter and Nero sacrificed his lawyer) and collected their souls, now turned into Gateworms, the Shadowman tricks them into using the Gateworms and the Summoning Key to open a seal beneath the city, ultimately releasing the Apothicons into their dimension. After the Shadowman reveals his true form and leaves the group to die, the four eventually manage to track him down back to the rift with the assistance of the Keepers, who then capture the Shadowman within the Summoning Key. After defeating the rest of the Apothicons, the four are rewarded with the Summoning Key by the Keepers, but the artifact is suddenly stolen by the Origins Edward Richtofen, who thanks the four for their efforts and disappears, leaving the Shadows of Evil Cast's fate unknown.

Members Edit

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