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For the game mode, see Sharpshooter.
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"Increased damage range. (Stacks with Particle Amp/Rifled Barrel/Speaker Amp)"
— In-game description.

Sharpshooter appears as a Common gun perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, found upon certain weapon variants. It increases the damage range for the weapons, to be able to deal higher damage at ranges the stock weapon would be unable to.

When found on an R3K, Type-2, Volk, R-VN, Erad, Titan, R.A.W., EBR-800, DCM-8 or EMC variant, it can stack with the Particle Amp attachment.

When found on a Reaver, Rack-9, Mauler, Karma-45, FHR-40, HVR or Hailstorm variant, it can stack with the Rifled Barrel attachment.

When found on a Banshee variant, it can stack with the Speaker Amp attachment.


Weapon Variant Rarity Cost (Salvage) Notes
Volk Deadeye Common 200
Erad Ascendant Common 200
Titan Impact Common 200
Reaver Skiver Common 200
R-VN Tickler Common N/A Unlocked via Supply Drops.
R3K Eclipse Rare 500
Type-2 Counterfeit Rare 500
Titan Reconnoiter Rare 500
EMC Mulligan Rare 500 Previously named "Mulligen"
DCM-8 Contingency Rare 500
Titan Slay Guide Rare N/A Unlocked on Day 8 of the 12 Days of Winter event.
FHR-40 Requisition Rare N/A Unlocked via a level 20 Sabre Team Seven player.
Oni Fortuitous Legendary 2000
R.A.W. Benediction Legendary 2000
Type-2 Enforcer Legendary 2000
RPR Evo Fission Legendary 2000
Rack-9 Godsend Legendary 2000
Rack-9 Lance Legendary 2000
HVR Carnage Legendary N/A Unlocked via a level 30 Wraith player.
Mauler Mammoth Epic 4000
EBR-800 Osiris Epic 4000
Reaver RODEO Epic 4000
Banshee Siren Epic 4000
Volk Corruption Epic 4000 Formerly exclusively unlocked via a supply drop.[1]
Karma-45 Phobos Epic N/A Unlocked via a level 50 Orion Initiative player.

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