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Sherman Firefly
Sherman Firefly in town CoD3
Appears in Call of Duty 3
Found in "The Black Baron"
"The Mace"
Used by Polish 1st Armored Div.
Weapons Primary: 1 x 76.2 mm QF 17-pounder gun

Secondary: 1 x Coaxial .30 cal Browning M1919 machine gun

For the similarly named tank, see M4 Sherman.

The Sherman VC 1 "Firefly" is a tank that appears in Call of Duty 3 that was used during World War II.

Call of Duty 3Edit

"M4 Sherman tank fitted with the British army's 17-pounder (high velocity 76.2mm) anti-tank gun. This gave it the ability to engage and defeat heavier German Panther and Tiger tanks."
Call of Duty 3 description.

The Sherman Firefly is used by the Polish soldiers in the mission "The Black Baron." It is controlled by the player one last time and seen once again controlled by Polish forces in "The Mace."

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