For other uses, see Shield.
Shield CoDH
Shields are utilities in Call of Duty: Heroes. They can be purchased with AfKhxJs.png. When bought, the player's base cannot be attacked; however, there is a cooldown period of three times as long as the defense period. Attacking a player in PvP will remove the shield.


  • 1 Day Shield - Cooldown: 3 days, Cost: 80Celerium Icon CoDH
  • 2 Days Shield - Cooldown: 6 days, Cost: 140Celerium Icon CoDH
  • 3 Days Shield - Cooldown: 9 days, Cost: 200Celerium Icon CoDH
  • 4 Days Shield - Cooldown: 12 days, Cost: 260Celerium Icon CoDH
  • 5 Days Shield - Cooldown: 15 days, Cost: 320Celerium Icon CoDH
  • 1 Week Shield - Cooldown: 21 days, Cost: 420Celerium Icon CoDH

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