Cargo loadscreen BOII
Previous level FOB Spectre
Next level I.E.D.
Game Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Team JSOC Strike Force
Place Keppel Terminal, Port of Singapore
Date May 30th, 2025
Enemies SDC
Multiplayer map Cargo
Cargo minimap BOII
"DESTROY the SDC freighter and its cargo of hypersonic cruise missiles."
— Mission description

"Shipwreck" is the second Strike Force mission in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II single-player campaign.

Overview Edit

At the start of the mission, Admiral Briggs and Section inform the team that Iran is under threat of an SDC missile attack, and that the missiles are to be delivered to the SDC destroyers from a freighter docked at Keppel Terminal in Singapore. The SEAL team deployed there to disable the defense systems protecting the freighter before calling in an airstrike to finish it off.

If the mission is successfully completed, then Iran will be protected from SDC attack and help JSOC. If the mission is failed, then Iran will be invaded by SDC and will join the coalition.

Unit`s AvailableEdit

Weapon LoadoutEdit

SEALs' primary weaponsEdit

SEALs' secondary weaponEdit

Found in levelEdit

Challenges Edit

  • Destroy CLAWS (x2) using only soldiers
  • Use only 3 network intruders to complete the mission¨
  • Complete mission with more than 2:00 min remaining
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with headshots
  • Melee enemy personnel (x15)
  • Destroy enemy ASD (x3) as a CLAW
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with explosives
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) while they are stunned
  • Run over enemy personnel (x20) with ASD
  • Complete the mission in "tactical view" only

Video WalkthroughEdit

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  • Singapore Sling (15 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter at Keppel Terminal.


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  • In beta version of this mission, player had control of the Quad Drones. However, in final version, player does not control the Quad Drones.
    • Also in beta version, Hinds were seen transporting SDC troops, not Blackhawks.
  • When the player has taken down the targets and they choose to run back to where they started, then there are more enemies than the beginning.
  • If the player were to look directly at the helicopter transporting the soldiers at the beginning cutscene, its rotor blades will stop moving as the helicopter simply floats away.