Section and Briggs are in a war room, explaining the mission to soldiers. Section uses his Data Glove Paired to show a hologram of the mission's map, a shipyard. He highlights a freighter near the shipyard.

Section: This freighter's jam packed with Dong-Feng hypersonic cruise missiles. Mach 7 capable. One strike could take out any of our aircraft carriers, including the Obama.

Section shows a hologram of 6 highlighted missiles.

Section: The missiles will be delivered to these destroyers, coated with carbon nanotubes, rendering them invisible to out satellites. That's why Harper had to get this footage the old fashioned way. SDC plan to launch these missiles on Iran.

Briggs: That's right boys, Iran. Now, I got enough problems. I don't need Persia being SDC's bitch.

Section shows a hologram of a truck with a missile on top of it.

Section: Keppel terminal's primary defense is a single Dong Feng missile, located in the central hub. You will be equipped with HPM explosives. High Powered Microwave bursts to scramble the missile's guidance system.

Section shows a hologram of 2 electron lasers.

Section: The east and west perimeter is flanked by free electron lasers, supercharged beams able to take out any short range missile. We need these down to take out the freighter.

Section shows a hologram of a portable hacking module.

Section: Your portable hacking modules will reprogram their targeting systems to fry them in their own juice. When their defenses are down, you call up the Kraken and we air strike the freighter.


Keppel Terminal, Port of Singapore
JSOC Strike Force
May 30th, 2025

A soldier is in a helicopter with three other soldiers, and is preparing to fast rope into the shipyard.

Soldier: Ten seconds out. Approaching insertion point. Kick ropes. Prep to deploy.

The ropes to are kicked out of the helicopter.

Soldier: Here we go. All Eagles out the door. Go go go!

The soldier motions his squad to fast rope out of the helicopter and he does the same.

Soldier: All Eagles on deck. Cut ropes.

The ropes fall fom the helicopter.

Soldier: On my lead.

Soldier: Viking Actual we have visual elements on SatFeed. (Note this line does not appear in subtitles.)

The soldier and his squad must plant portable hacking modules on three electron lasers and defend them until they hack the lasers in a set amount of time. When this is done, he can call in the Kraken.

Soldier: Confirmed - Enemy defenses down.

Soldier: My air clear.

Soldier: Easy Rhino on the approach. Target V.I.P..

The soldier calls in an airstrike on the freighter. The scene changes to a more cinematic view of the airstrike on the freighter.

Soldier: Confirmed hit, ship is down. Mission objectives achieved, move to extract.

The freighter explodes and the level ends.