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For a similar streak reward, see Sentry Gun.
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Shock Sentry
Scorestreak Reward

4000 (with Persistence)

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Unlocked at

Level 34

"Turret fires electrically charged rounds, inflicting damage to the target and nearby enemies."
— Scorestreak description.

The Shock Sentry is a 900 point scorestreak (4000 points with Persistence) featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is unlocked at level 34.

The Shock Sentry is a portable turret that can be placed the player in any valid location. When used, the turret will operate autonomously, and will fire upon enemies that come upon the Sentry's sight lines without the perk Blind Eye equipped. The Shock Sentry also produces an audible beeping sound.

Jammer Grenades are useful against Shock Sentries, disabling them to allow the player to destroy them. Shock Sentries however take 6 gun butt hits to destroy, so multiple Jammer Grenades and Blind Eye can prove useful.


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