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For other uses, see Showdown.
Showdown achievement icon BOII
Description A duel between rivals.
Gamer Score 15Gamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon

Showdown is a achievement/trophy for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This requires the player to have Farid and DeFalco take each other out at the same time during the server room sequence in "Odysseus".

The player must allow DeFalco to escape during "Karma", Chloe "Karma" Lynch to stay captive and Farid to survive "Achilles' Veil" by shooting Harper. When the player has these three factors and plays the mission "Odysseus", during the server room sequence Farid fatally wounds DeFalco, but is also shot and killed by DeFalco, causing both their deaths. This gains the player the achievement/trophy.



  • On the achievement/trophy picture, there are two B23Rs, even though DeFalco and Farid used Five Sevens. The PC image has different handguns (they have a similar appearance to a Tokarev TT-33), however.

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