James Doyle and Gerald Ingram drive through a tunnel on a bike.

Ingram: Stay on the ball, there'll be more on the other side.

They continue out through the tunnel and up a road. They approach a German truck blocking the road.

Ingram: Watch out - we're going right through them.

Ingram swerves the bike onto the grassy area and back on another road.

Ingram: Lorry on the left!

They are pursued on the road by German vehicles. Doyle fights them off, and the two reach a village guarded by German soldiers.

Ingram: Hang on... We need to make a detour.

Ingram drives through a building entrance to avoid a German truck guarding the road. He then enters an alley and reenters the main road in an attempt to lose the truck behind.

Ingram: Blast! I'll try to lose them in the village.

Ingram continues through more alleyways and goes into a field.

Ingram: We've got one on the left!

They outrun the truck and continue through the village. Ingram swerves to avoid a Panzer and crashes the bike into a guard rail, knocking both him and Doyle out.

Ingram: Damn, the bike is buggered! We'll have to continue on foot. Through here, follow me.

Doyle and Ingram go through a building and head upstairs.

Ingram: It's a dead end - jump!

Doyle and Ingram jump out of a window and enter a small courtyard.

Ingram: Leapfrog forward - keep moving! Keep advancing, we need to get down to the beach.

They clear the courtyard and move through an alley.

Ingram: We've got to get around them - move to the right!

They move left alongside a cliff overlooking the shore.

Ingram: Not much further. Higgs said there's a small dock down there.

They move down a hill and begin closing in on the beach.

Ingram: There he is down there - we've got to get down there and help.

They approach a bunker.

Ingram: We'll have to get through that bunker! Go!

They fight through the bunker and reach the beach. They clear the beach out and get on the boat. Doyle mans the gun while Ingram drives.

Ingram: Incoming! Dead ahead! Fire!

German boats drive toward the two, and Doyle fires on them. He destroys all the boats.

Ingram: Excellent shooting, Doyle. The RAF's loss is our gain.

Ingram drives through a rocky area into the open sea, where more boats approach.

Ingram: More to the left! Hang on - we're coming around!

Doyle destroys two of them.

Ingram: Good work. If we're not careful, we may get out of this alive. Damn Jerries -- don't they have anything better to do?

Doyle continues firing on them.

Ingram: Brace yourself! They're trying to surround us!

Doyle destroys the boats.

Ingram: Excellent! Let's pray our luck holds up! More PTs ahead! Sort them out - or we're done for!

Doyle destroys the two boats.

Ingram: Nice shot -- that's the last of them. Have a look, Doyle. You bought your ticket, might as well enjoy the show.

Explosives inside 3 bunkers in the cliff detonate, destroying all 3.

Ingram: The Ulster Monarch's off the coast. What say we get out of here before any more of these Jerries show.