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Slug Rounds Menu Icon CoDG
Slug Rounds

100-32 (Semi-Auto)
100-34 (Pump Action)

Damage Multipliers

x1.4 (Head)
x1.15 (Neck & Chest)
x1.1 (lower Torso)
x1.0 (left lower Arm & Leg, right upper Arm & Leg)
x0.9 (left upper Arm & Leg, right lower Arm & Leg, Hands & Feet)

Squad Points3
"Trade spread shot for a single deadly slug."
— In-game description

Slug Rounds is a weapon attachment that is featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. When equipped, it replaces the default shotgun buck shot ammunition with slugs, similarly to the KSG from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Slugs are single, high damage rounds that require more accurate aiming, but have unlimited range and higher damage. When equipped, the default hipfire reticle is modified by adding a smaller circle inside of the normal spread range. The slug round would hit anywhere within the cone of fire, except inside that little circle, when hipfired, so ADS is essential in order to hit targets from short-mid range out. The modified damage multipliers are:

  • Head= 1.4
  • Neck and Upper Torso= 1.15
  • Lower Torso= 1.1
  • Left Lower Arm, Right Upper Arm, Left Lower Arm, Right Upper Leg= 1.0
  • Left Upper Arm, Right Lower Arm, Hands, Left Upper Leg, Right Lower Leg and Feet= 0.9.

Shotgun slug rounds need to be fired accurately to deal damage, so equipping a sight on your gun can be beneficial, removing the default iron sights for a more clearer optic. Muzzle brake is also beneficial because it increases your damage at long range, complementing your slug rounds' unlimited range. Quickdraw should be equipped to help you aim at your targets faster.


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