Solar Map AW
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Atlas White on Black Logo Atlas Corporation vs Sentinel Task Force Sentinel Task Force logo AW
Near New Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq
Campaign Map
Elements of Fission, Utopia and Throttle
Solar Map Layout AW

Solar is a mid-sized multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It takes place in a solar energy power plant.


The map has three central lanes to go down. In the middle is the pool, which acts as the B flag in Domination. In the pool there is an entrance like a sewer tunnel into a small underground room with stairs going up into the map on the right side of the Atlas spawn. This map offers a lot of verticality. Around the middle on top of the buildings is where a lot of long range gunfights occur, whereas on ground, more mobile players move around and close quarters skirmishes come in.

Map DynamicEdit

The map scorestreak, the Solar Reflection Tower, is a controllable solar tower that is like the XS1 Vulcan. It burns enemies to death but oddly deals less damage to Flak Jacket users. The speed of the reflected ray is very sluggish, and it will take a few seconds to arrive at the intended cross hair.



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