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For a similarly named organization, see NATO.
Solar Associated Treaty Organization
Leader(s) Fredrick Raines (K.I.A.)
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Country International
Type Armed forces

The Solar Associated Treaty Organization (SATO) is the armed forces of the United Nations Space Alliance and are a faction in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

They consist of various Earth-based countries as well as several off world territories and fight against the Settlement Defense Front.

History Edit

SATO was founded at an unknown time, most presumably directly after the creation of the UNSA. They engaged in the Secession Wars and eventually lost control of Mars (and the planet's moons, Phobos and Deimos) to the Settlement Defense Front. Soon after they were forced to sign the Charon Accords between the UNSA and SDF, the outcome would be a truce between the two warring factions. However tensions continued to rise despite the truce, leading to territorial disputes over the ownership of the Jupiter and Neptune clusters. These tensions eventually broke out into a system-wide conflict following a surprise attack on Geneva.

Geneva Attack Edit

SATO were having their annual Fleet Week parade when their AATIS turrets turned on them crippling most of their fleet, it turns out that SDF had planted a mole, Akeel Min Riah to infiltrate and destroy the entire fleet. Riah had destroyed most of the fleet but the scattered SATO forces regrouped under the orders of Admiral Raines, they eventually took the AATIS control tower back forcing the SDF fleet into space where the remaining ships regrouped. The SDF invasion force was destroyed thanks to the help of Lieutenants Reyes and Salter, as the fleet regrouped the Olympus Mons suddenly appeared and wiped out what was left of the fleet in seconds. Due to Captain Alder ramming the Retribution onto the side of the Mons SDF were forced to retreat, however not before mostly completing their objectives: wiping out the SATO fleet.

Ships and Aerospace craft of SATO Edit

Known carriers Edit

  • Admiral-class Space Warfare Carrier
    • Retribution

Known destroyers Edit

  • Tigris
  • Ocana
  • Nova
  • Endurance
  • Vengeance
  • Zulu-class Guided Missile Destroyer
    • Eclipse

Known members Edit


Concept artEdit

Trivia Edit

  • All SATO members who were killed-in-action names are placed on a memorial board (seen in Black Sky and the final cinematic of Operation Blood Storm).
  • SATO is also referred as Solar Alliance Treaty Organization on Call of Duty's website.[1]
  • SATO Marines seem to have some basic knowledge on how to fly a Jackal.

References Edit

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