This is a list of playable, recurring and occurring characters who are part of the Red Army on Soviet Campaign on Call of Duty: World at War.

Playable Edit

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Recurring Edit

  • Fedorova (Федорова)
  • Saslovsky (Сасловский)
  • Lukin (Лукин)
  • Sidorenko (Сидоренко)
  • Zubarev (Зубарев)
  • Maximov (Максимов)
  • Datsyuk (Дацюк)
  • Romanenko (Романенко)
  • Yoslov (Ёслов)
  • Pelov (Пелов)
  • Yakubov (Якубов)
  • Dvilyansky (Двилянский)
  • Melnikov (Мельников)
  • Blyakher (Бляхер)
  • Bulenkov (Буленков)
  • Avtamonov (Автамонов)
  • Ikonnikov (Иконников)
  • Repin (Репин)
  • Touevsky (Тоуевский)
  • Polubencev (Полубенсев)
  • Barzilovich (Барзилович)
  • Pokrovsky (Покровский)
  • Venesky (Венeский)
  • Bockovich (Боцкович)

Trivia Edit

  • Sidorenko seems to be the only recurring character to survive the whole war, as his name will sometimes appear in every Soviet mission and he will be the same rank of Private.
  • Sidorenko may also be a reference to Major Ivan Sidorenko, a Russian sniper who achieved 300 kills in Stalingrad, and 500 confirmed kills throughout World War II.
  • Fedorova is actually a female variation of the Russian surname, male version being Fedorov; though the character model for the Private is male.
  • About half of these soldiers also appear in the Black Ops mission Project Nova, which is actually a flashback mission by Reznov.