For the Zombies variant, see Wrath of the Ancients.
Sparrow menu icon BO3

125-50 explosion (199 direct impact)

Magazine Size

10 bolts

Maximum Ammunition


Rate of Fire

146 RPM


4.2 m

Fire Mode


Used by

Alessandra "Outrider" Castillo
Danny "Blackjack" Li

"Requiring augmented strength to draw, this advanced composite compound bow unleashes devastating explosive arrows that decimate hostile forces."
— In-game description.

The Sparrow is a specialist weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III exclusive to Outrider and Blackjack. It is a compound bow that fires explosive bolts that increase in force the longer the arrow is drawn.

Compared to other bow weapons from previous installments, the Sparrow has an extremely fast fire rate and projectile speed, and low drop. Arrows will kill upon impact, no matter the draw strength. Stronger draws will force the victim back, potentially striking multiple enemies before the arrow explodes.

Killing two enemies with the sparrow in quick succession awards the "Bowhunter" medal. Killing three will award the "Predator" medal.

Schema Edit

  • Enemies are killed on contact by arrows, then shortly explode after.
  • Arrows can be lobbed over walls as artillery by quickly tapping the trigger.
  • The explosive radius of an arrow is small but lethal.
  • Arrows arc when released early, but fly straight when fully drawn.



Quotes- "He's gone"

"Ambushed that motherfucka"

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