For other uses, see Spectre.
For a similar level in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, see Death From Above.
Spectre CoD4 DS
Previous level The Russian
Next level Bunker Buster
Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Character Thunder One-One's Gunner
Team United States Air Force
Place Eastern Russia
Date Day 4, 2011
Objective Destroy the guard tower.

Protect the allied troops.
Defend the research building.
Destroy the research building.
Defend the weapons lab.
Destroy the weapons lab.
Soften up the command bunker.

Enemies Ultranationalists
"We copy Alpha 2-6, we're just opening up the front door."
— AC-130H Navigator.

Spectre is a mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS). In the mission, the player is a TV operator that mans three guns in an AC-130: a 20mm, a 40mm, and a 105mm.



The player has to protect the SAS strike team below (marked by a flashing strobe) from the attacking Ultranationalist ground forces (marked by a solid color). Watch out; they can also ride in trucks. However, if one fires upon a building with a red outline, they will automatically lose the level; only fire on the structures when the player is told to (marked by a green outline). During the parts when the player needs to soften up the buildings, the player's teammates will enter the structures, giving the objective of holding off the enemies to ensure the teammates' safety. The level ends after the player's teammates successfully infiltrate the last bunker that the player needed to soften up, giving way to the next mission.


  • Clouds will usually come and cover up the screen in order to send the player to the next area.
  • It is difficult to fail this level, seeing as one cannot die. The only way to fail is by shooting marked buildings or friendly troops.
  • When the 105mm gun is finished reloading, someone will scream "Gun Ready" like in "Death From Above".
  • It is possible to destroy some of the buildings which enemies spawn from; however, this will not prevent them spawning there.