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Spectre 6-4
AC-130 Spectre 6-4 FMOK
Spectre 6-4
Appears in Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish
Used by United States Air Force
Task Force 141
Weapons 105mm, 40mm, 25mm
Status Destroyed
For other uses, see Spectre.

Spectre 6-4 is the callsign of an AC-130 seen in Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish. Spectre 6-4 fires at enemies after the enemies have been alerted by Delta Force. After clearing out the area, Spectre 6-4 tells 141 to go have some fun. Spectre 6-4 is later ordered by Price to fire on the western barracks, and give them an entrance. At a later battle, Spectre 6-4 is destroyed by an enemy RPG shooter.

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