For the game mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Squads (Ghosts).

The Squad feature is a unique feature, as of now, to Call of Duty: World at War. It allows the player to team up with other teammates into a squad. When in an Xbox Live party or PSN Party, the party leader becomes squad leader. Being the leader allows the player to issue attack orders marked by large blue stars instead of yellow or green. The names and locations of squad mates can also be viewed on the map. Squads are created by using the Squads sub-menu in the in-game menu, and new squads are given designations based upon the US World War II phonetic alphabet (Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, etc.). At first, every player is placed in the "Lone Wolves" squad, where no leader is selected, and thus no orders can be made. Players can then create squads with one-letter names.


  • On the Wii version of the game, a squad leader is selected every now and then, as someone else on the player's team appears also, making them a blue dot.