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Stanton Shaw
Shaw PromotionalArt Zombies BO4
Alias(es) The Chemist
Uncle Shaw
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Affiliations Alistair Rhodes
Scarlett Rhodes
Evelyn Shaw (ex-wife)
Nationality Flag of the United Kingdom British
Status Unknown
Birth Before 1912
Sex Male
Weight Lightweight, skinny
Hair White
Eyes Green eyes, Cataract afflicted Right
Race Caucasian
Weapon Viper and Dragon, Welling, or any weapon obtained by the player.
Equipment Wraith Fire, Acid Bombs
Timeline Chaos Story
Actor Nick Boraine
Level Voyage of Despair
Blackout (skin only)
"If you have the cash, master chemist Stanton Shaw has whatever mystical brew you can think of. And he’s tried them all. Multiple times. So his grasp on reality is loose at best. Now that an old friend has gone missing under strange circumstances, his warped psyche may be the perfect asset."
— Official Biography

Stanton Shaw is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies mode, appearing within the Chaos story as one of the four main playable characters.


Out of the Chaos crew, Shaw is regarded as the chemical, linguistic, and history expert and generally the one they ask their questions to first. Along with Scarlett, they both are known for creating gadgets and tinkering with items, with Shaw being the creator of the Wraith Fire and Acid Bomb grenades, as well as all of the Elixirs and the device that creates them. It is often referenced that Shaw is addicted to many painkillers, such as Laudanum, which he refers to as his "medicine" along with dabbling with other drugs. Shaw is the oldest member of the Chaos crew and the one who best knew Alistair Rhodes.

Shaw can best be described as a mad scientist. He is very intelligent and a skilled chemist, claiming he is on fire every other week and wishing he could get samples from Catalysts.  Shaw holds an enormous amount of respect for Scarlett. He views her as the leader of the Chaos crew though she quickly gets irritated by his use of  his "medicine". Shaw and Bruno both seem to have a large amount of respect for the other and look out for one another. Shaw is considered by Diego to be extremely amusing, this is mostly caused by misunderstandings on Diego's part. Diego also seems to doubt Shaw in terms of combat which often frustrates the latter.


Shaw can be unlocked as a playable character within Blackout. To unlock him, the player must acquire the Alchemical Set item, which can sometimes be dropped by zombies or by killing the Blightfather should it appear at the graveyard near the Asylum. The player must then earn two kills either with the Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb grenades. Upon achieving this and completing the match, the player will unlock Shaw upon returning to the Blackout lobby.



  • According to himself, he once had a wife named Evelyn, who later divorced him.
  • Shaw shares a few similarities with the Ultimis Nikolai Belinski. Both of them show extreme disdain for their Ex-wives and suffer from addiction.
  • Shaw has numerous visible physical ailments. Including his eye, he also has a burn mark on the right side of his face and a brace on his right arm and left leg.