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For a perk with a similar name, see Steady Aim.
"Reduced hip spread. (Stacks with Laser Sight)"
— Gun Perk Description
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Steady is a Common Gun Perk that appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, found upon certain weapon variants. It reduces hipfire spread for the weapon variant it is applied to. This effect also stacks with the hipfire spread reducing effect of the Laser Sight attachment.

The Kendall 44 Cartel variant once had this gun perk, but was updated in the February 3rd, 2017 patch to remove Steady and replace it with Stability. As a result, the Kendall 44 Advantage variant was given this perk in exchange for Stability[1].

Variants Edit

Weapon Variant Rarity Cost (Salvage) Notes
Type-2 Frenetic Common 200
R.A.W. Quickshot Common 200
Rack-9 Guerilla (sic) Common 200
EMC Brawler Common 200
HVR Gunslinger Common N/A Unlocked via a level 10 Sabre Team Seven player.
Erad Reckoning Rare 500
Mauler Rechamber Rare 500
RPR Evo Revenant Rare 500
Banshee Expose Rare 500
Oni Exile Rare 500
DMR-1 Binary Rare 500 Formerly exclusively unlocked via a supply drop.[2]
Hailstorm Vertex Rare N/A Unlocked via a supply drop.
KBAR-32 String Theory Rare N/A Unlocked via a supply drop.
Reaver Reanimate Legendary 2000
Hailstorm Malevolent Legendary 2000
KBAR-32 Hoard Legendary 2000
FHR-40 Havoc Legendary N/A Unlocked via a level 40 Orion Initiative player.
Kendall 44 Advantage Legendary N/A Unlocked via a level 30 Sabre Team Seven player.
DCM-8 Masochist Epic 4000
NV4 Chaos Epic 4000

References Edit

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