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For similar weapons, see Signal Flare and Flare.
Sticky Flare
Weapon Class


Starting Ammunition

2 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

2 (Extinction)

Used by

Rapid Reaction Force

The Sticky Flare is a buildable in the Extinction map Mayday. The schematics are found in the starting room. Parts for the sticky flare can also be found in Search Piles (toolboxes). Crafting the sticky flare yields two. It functions similarly to the normal flare, however, it will explode afterwards. It can also be stuck to walls, ceilings, Cryptids, and other players. This item is very useful in helping complete accuracy challenges.


  • Fuse
  • TNT
  • Resin


  • When a Sticky Flare is stuck to a Rhino, it will stop moving until it explodes

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