"Strike Force Tutorial"
Himachal Pradesh, Northern India
JSOC Strike Force
May 21st, 2025

A soldier watches a CLAW start up.

Section: Helmet cam feed is good. All units standby. Okay, I want to run though a few systems checks and training maneuvers. Let's make sure we got this down before we do it for real. I want a function check on CLAW opcon, standby.

Section takes control of a CLAW.

Section: CLAW cam feed online.

Section fires a burst the turret and a grenade from the CLAW.

Section: All looks good. Let's run check on infantry cam feed.

Section watches a soldier through a helmet cam.

Section: Infantry under direct command. Infantry HUD relay confirmed. Let me check turret cam refunctionality.

Section takes control of a turret.

Section: Assuming control of turret. Weapons system active. Checking AO SAT feed. Switching to tactical map.

Section switches to tactical view, which is an overview of the map in a blue shade.

Section: Let's run through some movement testing.

Section takes control of a CLAW from tactical view. He then moves the CLAW to the highlighted location.

Section: Set. Okay, I want to run through some basic infantry manuevers.

Section takes control of the infantry units and moves them to the highlighted location.

Section: Good. Let's try with all forces.

Section moves the CLAW and the infantry to one position.

Section: Good job. Let's do one more infantry cam feed check.

Section moves from tactical view to a soldiers helmet cam.

Section: Confirmed, cam feed is good. Okay, we'll drop a dummy drone into the AO.

An ASD is dropped into the area from a VTOL using a rope.

Section: Standby for targeting exercise. Let me double check the tactical overview feed.

Section switches to tactical view.

Section: Selected units standby for targeting.

Section commands some or all units to attack the ASD.

Section: Fire on enemy ASDs.

The units destroy the ASD.

Section: One more infantry maneuvers check, just to be sure.

The soldier calls all units to proceed on one place.

Section: Last time, as a team.

All of the units go to the location.

Section: All right, I think we've got this down. Good work, people. Next time we do this, it'll be for real.

The choice of restarting the mission or starting the next mission is given.