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Strikezone loading screen CoDG
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Ghosts vs. Federation
San Diego, California, United States of America
Campaign Map
Struck Down
Strikezone minimap CODG
Minimap before K.E.M. Strike
Strikezone minimap 2 CODG
Minimap after the strike.

Strikezone is a small multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place in the lower deck and façade of a baseball stadium.

Overview Edit

Strikezone is one of the smaller maps in the game, and as such supports much more close-range combat than other maps. The player will find almost no long-range engagements, so certain weapons will be disadvantaged. These include the LMGs (due to the slower movement speed on a very fast-paced map) and sniper rifles (unless the player likes to quickscope).

Shotguns allow a skilled player to navigate all the tight corners in this map without fear of dying, as any shotgun can dispatch an enemy at point-blank range. However, shotgunners should stay away from more open areas where SMGs and assault rifles will easily mow them down.

An assault rifle or SMG with a high rate of fire should be chosen over one with a low rate of fire and high damage, due to the fact that a lower rate of fire will cause an enemy to flinch less at short range, increasing the chance of them killing the player. As such, the ARX-160, the SA-805, and the CBJ-MS are all good choices. A Foregrip can be used to greatly mitigate the recoil and to better prepare the player for medium-range engagements. Also, a sidearm such as the MP-443 Grach can get a player out of a jam if their primary runs out of ammo. The .44 Magnum is not recommended due to its single-action nature, making follow-up shots come slower. However, this disadvantage can be nullified with Akimbo.


  • The K.E.M. Strike will obliterate most of the baseball field, thus destroying parts of the map's structures and dramatically changing the terrain and paths of the map. Straight paths will become hills of rubble. There will also be holes in the ground, which are full of fire. If the player falls into these, they will die, so they should watch their step. 
  • Looking up in a certain spot, there is a sign hanging by ropes. Shooting this will cause one of the ropes to snap and the sign will hang by a thread permanently.



  • This map was one of three featured in the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal.
  • The statue outside of the stadium heavily resembles former pitcher and current Padres manager Bud Black.
  • If a K.E.M. Strike is not obtained by the end of the match, one will rain down upon the map during the post-match score board.
  • Sometimes, while playing Hunted, Search and DestroySearch and Rescue, or Safeguard, the map may already be destroyed by the K.E.M. Strike.
  • If the player throws a Throwing Knife at one of the wrinkles at the top or bottom of the hotdog character near the stairs, random phrases pertaining to the food stand it's next to can be heard.
  • After the K.E.M. Strike, players can walk on the second story of the clothing store. The first floor will no longer be accessible. 
  • The name of this map is a reference to the baseball term. The strikezone in baseball is the area where a pitch is deemed a strike, located between the shoulders and knees of the batter and the sides of the plate.

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