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Strong-Arm menu icon CoDG


Unlocked at

Level 2


Strong-Arm is a Handling perk introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It allows the player to throw equipment farther, decreases the cook time of grenades, and reset fuses of thrown back Frags. The additional distance when throwing equipment with Strong-Arm is roughly the same as when a player jumps before throwing. It is unlocked at level 2.

Strong-Arm is an effective perk when used with cookable grenades, such as Frag Grenades, Thermobaric Grenades or 9-Bangs, shortening the vulnerability period of the player when cooking such equipment. However, when using Frags, the increased throwing distance can make short-range throws a bit tricky, as Frags tend to roll around in the ground after thrown.

Strong-Arm is also very useful when using Canister Bombs or C4, as they have a short throwing range.

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