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The Sultan Room is an Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Finest Hour, in the level "Depot Saboteurs".


In the second level of the British campaign "Depot Saboteurs", after all the enemies are dead and the five fuel caches have been destroyed, look for an elevated building, located at the end of the road that the caches were on, that can look like it is made out of three vertical loaves of bread.

There are three doors on the first floor. Throw two sticky bombs on the right door. After they detonate, go up to it, press the action button, then throw two more sticky bombs on it. The detonation of the second pair removes the door to reveal a descending staircase. When you the reach the bottom and you will find a ghostly Arabic guitar player playing his guitar. After watching the instrument playing by itself for a few seconds and man dressed in Middle Eastern clothing slowly appears behind it.

Inside the room the player can find a Bren and health pack.

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