"Hack a robot's power cell, causing it to overload and surge a deadly current. Enemy robots nearby will be disabled for a short time."
— Description
Homing Surge cyber core icon BO3
Weapon Class Cyber Core
Unlocked N/A (purchased)

Surge is a Control cyber core in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The core hacks into a robot's power cell, and cause it to create an EMP-based self-destruction, shocking nearby enemies and disabling them as well. There is a twelve second recharge delay between uses.

Once upgraded, the core becomes Homing Surge, and allows the player to take over the robot's guidance systems and send it running into a crowd of enemies, making an effective suicide drone.


This is an unusual core, as its function would only necessitate being used in situations where crowds of Grunts may be overwhelming the player.

A good spot to use Surge would be near the end of "Hypocenter" during the extended fight against Sebastian Diaz's controlled robots. At the end of the fight, dozens of unarmed Grunts may overwhelm you in droves, making it ideal to use the ability to make the Grunts suicide into one another, clearing the area.