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Chuck Walker, Benny Church and the rest of the squad are inside a building after leaving the passage from the previous level.

Church: We've got to find our way back to the tanks!

They fight their way to the roof of the building. There, they see tanks driving up a street.

Church: Looks like first battalion, heading north.

Suddenly, German soldiers leave their hiding spots and begin to attack the tanks.

Church: Oh, hell, it's an ambush!

The squad defends the tanks from the soldiers using a mounted MG. Eventually the tanks move again, and the squad goes downstairs to find an anti-armor crew.

Church: Panzerschrecks! They'll destroy the M12 if we don't stop 'em!

If a rocket hits the M12.

Church: The M12 just took a rocket hit!

The squad takes out the anti-armor crew and regroups by the tanks to move out with them. At the end of the street, an MG firing on the squad is taken out by a tank. They continue up another street and encounter two panzers.

Church: Those emplacements are too fortified for the Shermans to take out. We've gotta get behind 'em and neutralize 'em!

They enter a building that leads to a street flanking the panzer emplacement. Fighting through, they make it to a building behind the panzers. A German soldier with a panzerschreck is killed. Walker takes the panzerschreck and destroys the two panzers.

Church: Scratch two panzers!

The camera shows Walker in third person with Church.

Walker: And here comes the big gun. This shouldn't take long.

The M12 drives up to a large, medieval building and fires on it.

Church: That's it! They're surrendering! Aachen is ours! First German city to fall! We've got 'em on the run now, Sarge! Betcha we're home for Christmas!

Walker: Yeah. I'll believe that when I see it

The building catches on fire where it was shot, and the level ends.

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