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TOW 3rd person BO
TOW Missile


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The TOW (Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire Command Data Link, guided missile) is an anti-tank missile system first used by the United States Military during the Vietnam War.

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

The TOW missile is used by Mason to destroy NVA T-55 tanks during the siege of Khe Sahn. The missile launch system is mounted on the back of a Jeep, which will drive to various locations along the front lines. When launched, the missiles behave identically to a Valkyrie Rocket. If the player manages to only use one missile per tank, with six tanks total, they will receive the Tough Economy achievement/trophy.


  • TOW missiles fly for a much shorter duration than Valkyrie Rockets. However, they fly for the same duration on the Wii version.
  • The TOW on the Jeep will never run out of ammo.
  • Players can use the TOW missile to fly out of the map. Players can also see NVA troops spawn behind the hills.

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