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The Tank is a class in Extinction mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts, used to stay alive through the toughest of situations. It gives the player a 25% increase in health, and increases the melee damage they do to the aliens.

As of the update for the Nemesis DLC pack, the Tank now comes equipped with a Flare by default at the start of every game. [1]


  • 25% more health.
    • +1 (Cost: 1): Melee attacks do 25% more damage.
    • +2 (Cost: 1): 50% more health.
    • +3 (Cost: 2): 75% more health + 50% more melee damage.
    • +4 (Cost: 3): 100% more health + 100% more melee damage.
  • Tank Class Upgrade: All Cryptids begin attacking the Tank, who is now invulnerable and able to stun enemies with melee attacks.



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