For the character also known as Rojas, see Alejandro Rojas.
"Even if you get a lucky shot, I will end you."
— Nomad's default game-winning quote.
Tavo Rojas
Nomad menu icon BO3
Nomad in the Specialist Selection Screen.
Nickname(s) Nomad
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Affiliations Rapid Deployment Force (Formerly), Winslow Accord, Black Ops
Nationality Colombian
Status Alive
Birth July 17, 2038, Colombia
Sex Male
Hair Brown
Race Latino
Weapon Any weapon obtained by the player in Multiplayer.
Equipment H.I.V.E.
Voice Actor David Cooley
Level Unlocked at Level 28

Tavo "Nomad" Rojas is a Specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


"Using his survivalist training to stay alive, Tavo Rojas has gone off-grid.

An ex-member of the Elite Colombian Rapid Deployment Force, FUDRA, he is an expert in jungle warfare, able to blend into the forests and survive off of the land almost indefinitely.

After discovering too late that the targets of their last S&D mission were their own, his unit was broken up, its members reassigned to other teams; soon, under suspicious circumstances, his ex-squad mates started turning up dead.

As sole survivor, he seeks retribution for his fallen friends, using his skills to turn the environment against his enemies.
— Nomad's biography

As his bio says, Nomad use to be part of a spec-ops unit working for the Elite Colombian Rapid Deployment Force. After an S&D mission, he and his squad found out too late that the targets were 20-30 of their own comrades-in-arms and as a result broke up into separate units. Soon after, his ex-squad mates were suspiciously being reported dead and, fearing for his life, Nomad went off-grid seeking retribution for his friends and at some point was recruited by Black Ops.

Out of all playable specialists, Nomad is just behind Outrider for using the least amount of cybernetic enhancements, due to being spec-ops and for being an expert ambush asset that uses his natural surroundings to his advantages. Because of the latter, some of the other specialists (particularly Ruin) either question, hate or don't bother with his methods on the battlefield. Outrider and Spectre are the only ones that like his idea of ambushing enemies and exploiting choke-points and sniper nests to his advantage.


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