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  • In the beginning, Al-Fulani is dragged from a mosque.
  • When Al-Asad executes Al-Fulani, he walks up, cocks the pistol, and fires. When seen on replay before "Blackout", he walks up and fires without cocking, but a small fuzz in the screen before and the audience suggests that a frame was skipped.
  • When Zakhaev hands the gun to Al-Asad, notice him pointing the gun at Al-Asad. Al-Asad hesitates as though surprised by a gun pointed at him. After a brief and awkward moment, Zakhaev flips the gun around and hands it to Al-Asad with the grip facing him.
  • Using the noclip cheat, if going under the map, one can see an AK-47 following the car underneath it.
  • The wooden post on which Al-Fulani is killed is already bloody, leading to the conclusion that other executions might have happened recently there.
  • There is a pistol above Viktor Zakhaev's head, in the shade flap, which appears to be the M1911 he used in "Sins of the Father".
  • When looking at the rear-view mirror in the car, there is no reflection on consoles, only a drawn image of the driver in the mirror, likely an excuse for no player models being rendered in the campaign. On the PC version, there is a reflection of the driver, although it is a static image.
  • In the Modern Warfare 2 beginning cutscene, the last parts of this level can be seen.
  • When using the "give all" cheat in this level, the game crashes when pressing the switch weapons button. Also, using noclip at any point before Al-Fulani is dragged out of the car will make the soldiers taking Al-Fulani out of the car not appear, making the level impossible to complete.
Infinity Ward Arabic Writing on a Banner

The banner on the top left reads "Infinity Ward" in Arabic.

  • While Al-Fulani is being dragged to the car, several banners can be seen hanging with Arabic text on them. The black banner on the top left reads "إنفنيتي ورد", a transliteration of "Infinity Ward".
  • The time between Al-Asad shooting and the player's screen going black is noticeably longer on the Wii version of the game.
Civilian Car Tailing Al-Fulani

A civilian following Al-Fulani's car

  • When driving past the executions, one will notice that the soldiers in the firing squad continue to fire at the wall even after the bodies have fallen down.
  • The name of this mission is part of a term, a coup d'état, where a government is overthrown from within, typically by the military.
  • As the car drives through the narrow alley, one can see a graffiti of a man's face on the wall. The man is Jason West from Infinity Ward staff.
    • This is later replaced with Arabic writing in the Remastered version.
  • After the civilian is dragged out of his car by OpFor soldiers, he will stand still and seem to be holding an invisible weapon.
  • The subtitles of the level are not counted as subtitles by the game, as turning off the subtitles won't do anything to it.
    • Using external developer console commands such as "cg_draw2d 0" and/or "cg_drawhud 0" will also be unable to remove the subtitles when it normally does in other levels. It also is unable to remove the staff credits.
  • If the player looks back after the civilians are killed in a gunfight one will notice a civilian car tailing the car where President Al-Fulani is in and stops in the middle of the road in one part of the game.
  • When Al-Fulani is carried out of the mosque, the Op-For soldiers dragging him are holding their AK-47's while in the cutscene their AK-47's are on their backs.
  • Before executing Al-Fulani, Al-Asad says, "This is how it begins." Appropriately, his action begins the conflict that rages throughout the Modern Warfare series.
  • In its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered remake, Al-Asad's Arabic pronunciation differs from that of the original, but the dialogue remains unchanged.

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