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The Flesh
Leader(s) Unknown
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Country United States of America
Active Unknown
Level Die Rise (Mentioned only)
Announcer {{{announcer}}}

"We are the living, and we are the dead. We are the flesh, and the flesh is us! We will not starve. We will thrive!"
— Unknown Flesh member
"Oh you can't tell them about The Flesh! What I did! They'd kill me if they knew..."
Samuel J. Stuhlinger


After Richtofen's Grand Scheme, the Earth was sent into chaos and disarray. Due to the lack of resources available, a group of survivors who called themselves "The Flesh" decided that the only way to survive was to cannibalize the corpses of zombies. What they did not know is that they would inherit infectious symptoms by doing this. The fate of the group is unknown. Samuel J. Stuhlinger was formerly a member of The Flesh, but he left the group for unknown reasons.

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