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The Giant (Black Ops III)/Quotes

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This is a list of character quotes from the Zombies map The Giant.

"Tank" Dempsey Edit

"Field report. Dimensional insertion point was off. We were too late. Richtofen interrupted established continuity. What happens next is... uncertain. Allied operatives MIA. I have no choice but to continue the mission alone."
— Said at the beginning of round 1 (solo).
"Infestation confirmed. Positive identification of 115 on site. (Sighs) As expected, my memory's slipping. Unable to determine current jump count to this location. Two at least, maybe more."
— Said at the beginning round 2 (solo).
"(Sighs) Having failed to secure the intel, test subjects location... is currently unknown. Dammit, Richtofen! Why do you always have to screw everything up!"
— After completing round 3 (solo).
"I am so damn sick of you Richtofen! I should've left you back at that damn dig site."
— When starting round two on a co-op game.

"We're fighting with purpose, THAT'S why we'll win!"
— Upon getting a kill with the Annihilator
"At least everyone is finding a new way to die today!"
— Upon getting a kill with the Annihilator
"Oh, I could get used to this gun!"
— Upon getting a kill with the Annihilator
"Don't you freakbags see how this is ALWAYS gonna go?"
— Upon getting a kill with the Annihilator
"That. Never. Gets. Old. Wohoo!"
— After getting an explosive kill

"Knee deep in zombie shit with no ammo. Bad combination."
— When out of ammo. Referencing a similar quote on Kino der Toten.

"Hey freakbags, I've got a surprise for ya, starts with G and rhymes with Fun."
— When buying a wall weapon
"Rapid fire sweetness."
— When getting an SMG from the Mystery Box.
"Now THAT'S what I call a gun... well... not like there's any other name for it."
— When receiving a Pack-a-Punched weapon
"Let's light 'em up!"
— When receiving Porter's X2 Ray Gun from the Pack-a-Punch
"Good things come to those who wait. Next time DON'T TAKE SO FUCKING LONG!"
— When receiving a Pack-a-Punched weapon

"I like the beer part, just wish it wasn't from the root."
— After drinking Double Tap Root Beer..
"Oooo... I got an itchy trigger finger, and this is certainly going to help!"
— After drinking Double Tap Root Beer.
"Cowboy up partner!"
— After drinking Double Tap Root Beer.
"Must be high noon 'cause I'm about to kill these meat-maggots quick and dead."
— After drinking Double Tap Root Beer.
"Come at me now freakbags!"
— After drinking Juggernog.
"Doesn't get any better, mmmh MMMH!"
— After drinking Juggernog.
"I got power in my veins."
— After drinking Juggernog.
"Let's see 'em come at me now!"
— After drinking Juggernog.
"It'll take a few more hits to bring ol' Dempsey down."
— After drinking Juggernog.
"Some things get better with age; Revive's not one of them."
— After drinking Quick Revive.
"I may need a little revive, but not this badly."
— After drinking Quick Revive.
"Why does the medicine always gotta taste like shit?"
— After drinking Quick Revive.
"Wonder if this stuff makes you faster or if it just makes everything else slow down."
— After drinking Speed Cola.
"It's like I'm moving at a 100 miles an hour!"
— After drinking Speed Cola.
"That went down like a bucket of slime."
— After drinking Speed Cola.
"I feel like I can run a marathon... with a gun!"
— After drinking Speed Cola.

"My mom always told me not to talk while chewing, ha, she'd slap me in the mouth right now."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"I'll keep it in my pocket for now, alongside my other balls."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"Candy's always a nice change from basic rations."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"It's got alot of flavour, pity it tastes like ass."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"Mmmh... This is better than some of those sodas."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"These are kinda tasty, well, some of them are."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"Thanks, I'll try not to break a tooth."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"Can I buy a whole pack of these somewhere?"
— When consuming a GobbleGum.
"I'm going to keep chewing 'til it loses it flavor... about 20 seconds I think."
— When consuming a GobbleGum.

"This machine's been everywhere I've been. France, Brazil, even the damn Moon. Why is that?"
— When waiting for the Pack-a-Punch
"Ya know, I've hated Richtofen for so long I've forgotten why... oh yeah."
— When Pack-a punching and remembering why he hated Richtofen.

Edward Richtofen Edit

"MAXIS! No... wait... Compose yourself, Edward. Mission... accomplished. Temporal disruption achieved. The future is changed!"
— At the beginning of round 1 (solo).
"I must work quickly! There is so much to do; the vessel for Maxis, the radios, the opening of the gateway. Nein! I'm getting confused! Curse these 115-induced illusions!"
— Said at the beginning of round 2 on solo. A reference to a similar quote in Origins.
"Mein Gott... what have I done?! (pants) Stop it Edward. Breathe. (pants) It's okay... it's okay. This is important. This is what you have to do. Even if another part of you dies, each and every time. Argh! How am I meant to work when all around me, I am beset by the voices of the damned und the doomed!"
— Said at the beginning of round 3 (solo).
"You do not, und could not understand. Maxis will find us. He promised me."
— Said when questioned at the beginning of a co-op match.
"I have travelled. I have seen many things. Many futures, many histories."
— Said when questioned at the beginning of a co-op match.
"Trust me. There is something else out there. Something worse than me."
— Said when questioned at the beginning of a co-op match.

"What is left of you now?! Nothing!"
— After killing zombies with explosives
"I do the dissections around here!"
— When getting a headshot.
"What is left of you now? Nothing!"
— When getting a headshot.
"Damnit, we should be training them, not killing them!"
— When killing a Hellhound
"DIE spawn of Fluffy!"
— When killing a Hellhound
"Your pain is over dog!"
— When killing a Hellhound
"DIE filthy mutt!"
— When killing a Hellhound
"Feel the power of Element 115!"
— After killing zombies with the Wunderwaffe DG-2
"Wunderwaffe! How I missed you!"
— After killing zombies with the Wunderwaffe DG-2

"The Wunderwaffe DG-2!"
— When obtaining the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the Mystery Box
"Behold the power of Element 115!"
— When receiving the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the Mystery Box

"Who does not like the Root Beer? Anyone who has been driven to insanity by that cursed song."
— When drinking Double Tap Root Beer
"JUGGERNOG! My favourite!"
— When drinking Juggernog
— When drinking Speed Cola
"I can't be sure but I think the active ingredient rots your mind, wait, what was I saying?"
— When drinking Speed Cola
"This drink is my favourite. I cannot express how much I enjoy its invigorating taste and exceptional finish. "
— When drinking Speed Cola. Said extremely quickly.

"Mystery candy? How interesting."
— When consuming a GobbleGum
"Mmm, I feel ever so slightly empowered."
— When consuming a GobbleGum
"Ugh, I abhor all things sweet."
— When consuming a GobbleGum

— When picking up a Carpenter
— When picking up a Double points

"Gahh, if I had a spleen for every second I have waited for this infernal machine I would have... well, quite a few spleens."
— When Pack-a-Punching
"*whistles* Patience is a virtue... That I DO. NOT. HAVE!"
— When Pack-a-Punching
"I must confide in Dempsey, he alone holds the key to salvation. Either him or Nikolai. Or Takeo [Tak-e-o]. Or is it Takeo [Tak-ay-o]? I have never known."
— When Pack-a-Punching
"This machine was created by a good man. A blacksmith in the old west."
— When Pack-a-Punching

Nikolai Belinski Edit

"Are you nothing but an agent of chaos, Richtofen? Many years have we hunted you..."
— Start of the match
"WHERE IS HE, that foul, stinking ROTTEN GERMAN! He was here, now he is gone. He will pay for what he has done, mark my words."
— When starting a match in solo
"Curse this confusion! I must remember my mission. Why am I here? The enemy war machine must be destroyed."
— Said at the beginning of round 2 (solo).
"I must find a way to survive this nightmare. Perhaps these machines will help me fend off the wretched hordes."
— Said at the beginning of round 3 (solo).

"Like weed before scythe!"
— After killing multiple zombies
"Ha, this aiming thing actually works!"
— When getting a headshot
"I am magician! I made his head disappear!"
— When getting a headshot

"I give wall currency and it gives me weapon? Capitalism is truly strange."
— When buying a wall weapon
"Look at you... so beautiful... must be Russian-made, like Nikolai."
— When obtaining an Assault Rifle from the Mystery Box
"Is this another one of the German's twisted experiments?"
— When receiving the Annihilator.
"Somehow, I knew my patience would have been suitably rewarded."
— When receiving a Pack-a-Punched weapon

"Oh no no, I hate the click-click sound!"
— When out of ammunition.
"Ok Nikolai, spare some ammo."
— When running low on ammo on their current weapon.

"Is this what western children eat? No wonder they are so skinny."
— When consuming a Gobblegum.

"Everyone, to the box, but Nikolai first."
— When obtaining a Fire Sale.

"Hey box, I want my money back."
— When rolling a teddy bear from the mystery box.
"Forget you, teddy bear."
— When getting a Teddy Bear from the Mystery Box.
"Fuck you, teddy bear!"
— When getting a Teddy Bear from the Mystery Box.
"I wonder what happened to other Nikolai. The one who walked with fools..."
— Said when Pack-a-Punching

Takeo Masaki Edit

"You dishonor your lineage German! Do you not care for the shame you bring upon your ancestors?!"
— At the start of the match.
"A most unfortunate turn of events. The death of the German is... regrettable. I fear the path ahead may be more treacherous than before."
— At the start of the match, in solo.
"For so long, I've feared the Emperor's displeasure. I know not where he is, yet I remain loyal. This, I must never forget!"
— At the beginning of round 2 (solo).
"My dreams are haunted by spirits. I fear they are not those of my ancestors."
— At the beginning of round 3 (solo).

"May your bones turn to dust!"
— When killing zombies with the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

"Long-range solution to nearby problems."
— Upon receiving a sniper rifle from the Mystery Box.
"Begin from afar. Move closer with each kill."
— Upon receiving a sniper rifle from the Mystery Box.
"I fear we are meddling with ever-darker forces."
— Upon picking up the Annihilator.
"Hmmm... this looks to be of Japanese origins."
— When obtaining the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the Mystery Box.
"The future in now."
— When obtaining the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the Mystery Box.

"*slurps* This tastes... like the ocean!."
— Drinking Quick Revive.
"*coughs* Clearly a drink meant for gaijin taste."
— Drinking Double Tap Root Beer.
"As the American would say, "giddy-up!"."
— Drinking Double Tap Root Beer.

"Such a reward is opportunity to show our dedication to the slaughter."
— Upon picking up Double Points

"We may fall seven times, but we will stand up eight."
— Upon being revived. A reference to his quote in Kino der Toten.
"I thank you, my brother-in-arm."
— Upon being revived.

Ludvig MaxisEdit

"I want to play a game. Let's play hide and seek. Those were her exact words."
— After activating the Fly Trap.
"Yay, you found one. I can hear her, even now."
— Said after shooting one of the three items.
"Wow, you found another one. There must be a purpose to this..."
— Said after shooting another one of the three items.
"That's it... The beacon is lit! I know where and when you are!... Sooner or later, I will find you. Together, we will ensure a better future for the children."
— After completing the Fly Trap Easter Egg.

Multiple Character Conversations Edit

"Tank" Dempsey & Nikolai Belinski Edit

Dempsey: Can I trust you Nikolai? Because last I checked we were enemies.
Nikolai: When did you last check? We were allies in all three World wars! Richtofen seems to think he has some kind of plan.
Dempsey: I'm not so sure about that, I think he's delusional.
Nikolai: When Richtofen speaks of putting things right, do you think he has found a way to end this nightmare?
Dempsey: After France, I'm starting to believe that anything is possible.
Nikolai: Maybe there is a way to end all of this. To return to our homes, our old lives... our families.
Dempsey: Our families? How many wives is it you've had Nikolai? I gotta be honest I lost count.
Nikolai: As a Russian I know how to endure, how to survive. Dare I hope for something more than that.
Dempsey: You can dare but I don't know if it will do any good. In my experiences wishes hardly ever come true.

"Tank" Dempsey & Edward Richtofen Edit

Dempsey: So, you gonna tell me what the fuck you were doing back there?
Richtofen: Dempsey, my dear simple minded American... you simply wouldn't understand.
Dempsey: Right after we got here, after you said goodbye to your evil twin you did something... strange.
Richtofen: Strange? (laughs nervously) Dempsey, you really have to narrow it down.
Dempsey: I know you're sick Richtofen, but why were you messing with your own corpse?!
Richtofen: That wasn't my body, that was someone else entirely... someone a bit like me but not. He's dead.
Dempsey: Hey I know what I saw! I saw you stoop down and hold something against the body.
Richtofen: Pictures Dempsey, pictures! Or it didn't happen.
Dempsey: There was something else I was gonna to ask you, what was it?
Richtofen: Ah, dear Dempsey! Sure memory loss perhaps due to your prolonged exposure to Element 115? Or are you just one of the stupid Dempseys?

"Tank" Dempsey & Takeo Masaki Edit

Dempsey: Hey Tak, we gotta keep an eye on Richtofen, I don't know what he's up to but I don't like it.
Takeo: I share your concerns Dempsey. We would be wise to remain cautious.
Dempsey: Did you notice him doing something weird when we first got here?
Takeo: Weird describes much of what Richtofen does.
Dempsey: Right after he popped himself, when we were holding back the horde... Richtofen knelt down over the body. Why?!
Takeo: Perhaps he was paying respects to his fallen self.
Dempsey: We gotta piece it all together Tak. Why the fuck did he come here, again?!
Takeo: We know not where Richtofen has traveled, but I believe his experiences changed him.
Dempsey: Wherever he's been... whatever he's been through, I'm not sure if Richtofen is any less crazy than before.
Takeo: Mysteries will reveal themselves in time, they always do. This is the... nature of our quest.

Nikolai Belinski & Edward Richtofen Edit

Nikolai: German, I will not stop asking until I get an answer. What are we doing here?
Richtofen: Putting things right, Nikolai. Putting things right.
Nikolai: Your words are empty, your soul is hollow. How can you ever hope to put things right?
Richtofen: Nikolai, I realize that I'm often hostile towards you, It's simply because your ideologies are diametrically opposed to mine.
Nikolai: We are allies only because of our situation. We will not fight shoulder to shoulder forever, Richtofen.
Richtofen: Though we may not see eye to eye Nikolai, know this, I possess an artifact that will help us on our journey.
Nikolai: You can never wash away the blood on your hands, Richtofen! You are an evil that must be stopped!
Richtofen: I'm helping you more than you realize Nikolai, after all... didn't I just kill myself a little while ago? I know what I'm doing! The beacon will allow Maxis to find us.
Nikolai: Who is this fucking Maxis?! I've never seen him, apart from that brain in a jar we found back in France.

Takeo Masaki & Nikolai Belinski Edit

Takeo: Besides our thirst for battle, You and I have little in common Nikolai.
Nikolai: You are mistaken, Takeo. I have no thirst for battle, I fight because I have to.
Takeo: You have a great disdain for the German, why does your hatred run so deep?
Nikolai: Do I really need to explain that? I mean, really?! Have you forgotten Richtofen's thirst for chaos? He is a monster... an animal.
Takeo: He is a... troubled soul, I can see it in his eyes, but a monster? Huh, I think not! We know not of the journey Richtofen has taken, he may hold more wisdom than you realize.
Nikolai: I fear any wisdom he holds will be used to advance his own agendas.
Takeo: We will only survive if we all work together, Nikolai you know this in your heart.
Nikolai: Richtofen was the one who left us in the dark, Takeo. We have no idea what he has been doing.

Takeo Masaki & Edward Richtofen Edit

Takeo: German, your actions defy reason, but you seem driven by a sense of purpose.
Richtofen: I do have a purpose Takeo, a purpose you will come to share. You only have to trust me.
Takeo: You trade on lies and deceit, Richtofen. Give me one reason why I should trust you!
Richtofen: I don't have time to explain now... but I have a message for you, a message from the Emperor.
Takeo: What do you know of the Emperor?! It has been so long, I feared he had abandoned me... forgotten me.
Richtofen: You have not been forgotten Takeo, stay strong and your path will become illuminated.
Takeo: I do not understand your riddles German, how will my path become illuminated?
Richtofen: The spirits of your ancestors are not the only voices you will hear, Takeo. Trust your instincts, listen to them.
Takeo: Last night I had a dream, I dreamt of a house... A house with, children.
Richtofen: Yes... hold on to that thought, Takeo. In time you will come to learn the significance of your visions.

Videos Edit

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