The Guided Tour
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Game Call of Duty: Strike Team
Character Marshall and Reed
Place Sar Hawza District, Paktika Province, Afghanistan
Date October 24th, 2020
Objective Take your squad and RV with Dubois.
"Under the auspices of a ANA forces assault RV with a local operative for sitrep and location of our target - a serious player in the arms and tech black market."
— Mission description

The Guided Tour is the seventh mission in Call of Duty: Strike Team, and the first in the Afghanistan Scene.

Pre-Mission Transcript Edit

The mission begins with Maj. Gen. Miles giving a debrief to Strike Team Onslaught

Maj. Gen. Miles: An unnamed yet highly-trained paramilitary group infiltrated one of the most top-secret research facilities in the US military. On the surface, it looked like their objective was to jury rig and fire a WMD on US soil.

The NSA has reliable intel that the target was not the missile. It was data. The kind of data that can undermine our Nation's entire global defense strategy. And it's being sold to the highest bidder.

This is Felix Kaplan. Brokers every five-star arms and tech deal on the black market. If it moves -- it moves through Kaplan.

Orbital VSAT picked up Kaplan crossing the Pakistan border to meet with a local warlord.

Kaplan rolls big: platoon-strength paramilitary escort. Expect metric tons of resistance.

The Afghan National Army's 5th Commando Kandak has established a loose perimeter of the operational theater. They will offer support on strictly an as-needed basis.

Mission per Op-Ord: Disrupt the transaction, secure Felix Kaplan alive and remit package to F.O.B. Oscar Kilo Charlie [(OKC)] for processing.

I repeat: bring back Kaplan alive. He's the only active lead on the status of that data.... and the identity of the group responsible for taking it.

Due to the sensitive nature of the mission, the entire squad must return alive. Lose a man, the mission is compromised.

After selecting the loadout, a short cutscene plays.

Overlord: Onslaught, this is Overlord.

Be advised, ANA forces have engaged the enemy for reasons unknown.

Operation is at risk. Lighthouse assessing. Stand by for orders.

Onslaught: Copy, Overlord. Standing by.

Overlord: Orders received. Proceed per Op-Ord. Mission parameters remain in scope.

Package is HV critical and is to be secured alive.

Onslaught: Solid copy, Overlord.

All right team, DZ is hot. Hope you brought your sunscreen.