The Russian
The Russian CoD4 DS
Previous level Hard Impact
Next level Spectre
Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Character Bravo 9
Team SAS
Place Eastern Russia
Date 0400 hrs. Day 4, 2011
Objective Take out the guards and any enemy reinforcements.
Locate Petrovitch.
Use the binoculars to mark the bridge so air support can take it out.
Support your allies at the communications tower to the north.
Finish off the remaining defenses to the north to advance through the gate.
Get to the rally point.
Find a way into the mansion.
Gain entrance to the ground floor.
Enemies Ultranationalists
Console codename Nintendo DS
Multiplayer map Tundra
For the multiplayer map, see The Russian (map).
"We have Petrovitch, and we're coming home."
SAS member

The Russian is the sixth level in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).



The objective is to apprehend Ivan Petrovitch, an important figure among the Ultranationalists who holds key information and provided funding for Al-Asad in the Middle-East.

The mission begins in the snowy mountains, where Bravo 9 starts off. A squadron member uses an M40A3 sniper rifle to eliminate the enemies below. After eliminating the guards, the team is ambushed. They then blow up a bridge by marking it with binoculars so air support can take it out, as this will cut off enemy supply lines.

After, they proceed down onto the road and attack a communications array. They meet up with and plant charges on the giant antenna to cut off enemy communications. After it's detonation the team encounters resistance, and eventually a tank. An Airstrike is called to unpin the team and help them move gradually toward their main objective.

Once at the main gates, they plant C4 on the gates and watch the fireworks. They reach a small storage depot and kill some more hostiles and eventually reach the cellar doors, where Night vision goggles are used to carefully climb down into the cellar.

The room is cleared and they head outside where the goggles are deactivated. They follow the hallway and an enemy pops out from behind an oven in the kitchen. After he is dispatched, the team clears a group of enemies and enter the last room before the main hallway.

They find themselves in the main hallway with two staircases and are ambushed from above. After surviving the encounter they reach a massive door at the top of the stairs, and as they approach it, it swings open, revealing more enemy soldiers guarding Petrovitch. They manage to finish them off and capture the objective

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout

Trivia Edit

  • Petrovich is nothing more than a small, white lump on the floor and can be shot at without consequence.
  • The player can kill the two troopers helping them clear out the mansion with no consequence (most easily done with grenades). They will simply reappear a minute later, whenever they are next scripted to appear. This method can be used to obtain an MP5 and a lot of ammo.