The Truth Will Out
Previous level Europa Falls
Next level Best Defense is Offense
Game Call of Duty: Strike Team
Character Marshall and Reed
Team Joint Special Operations Command
Place S.A.P. Site Juliet Two-Nine, Arctic Circles, U.S. waters
Date October 22nd, 2020
Objective Enter research unit.
Locate security console.
Locate the rogue physicist
Use decryptor to access research data.
Plant C4 charges.
Rally squad at the exit.
Enemies Mercs (dresses as Russian Federation soldiers)
"We're flying blind. Investigate research building for intel and lay C4 to prevent opposition's plans from being continued by others."
— Mission description

The Truth Will Out is the second campaign mission in Call of Duty: Strike Team, and the second in the Arctic Scene.

Pre-Mission Transcript Edit

Overlord: Requesting status update.

Onslaught: Copy, Overlord. Exterior is secure. Moving on compound and the central server bay.

Overlord: Copy that. Good hunting.

Onslaught: Eyes wide, profile low. No need to attract attention en route to the research center if we don't have to.

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