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  • "Permission to speak freely?"
  • "I think we should call this one. I mean, that asshole just flooded the damn city and took half his own guys."
  • "Yeah, but this mission is different."- Merrick's reply to Rorke on finishing the mission.
  • "Rorke? We have eye's on Almagro. But were taking fire! Just west of the hotel."
  • "Everyone good."- Merrick after the helicopter crash in Operation: Return to Sender.
  • "Shit! Rorke! Somebody, grab him!."
  • "We're too heavy! You gotta let him go."- Merrick to Elias to let Rorke fall into the river.
  • "You look lost."- Merricks first words to Hesh and Logan Walker in No Man's Land.
  • "You do can stick with us, but you do what I say- when I say, understood?."

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