Ryan Jackson: In the winter of 1977, history repeated itself. Agent Jason Hudson's contacts heard whispers of KGB attempts to resurrect the Nova Project. He petitioned Division leadership to green light a reconaissance mission to his old stomping grounds - the Nova gas facility at Mt. Yamantau that he and Agent Weaver buried back in '68. A small team lead by Frank Woods was dispatched behind enemy lines to ensure Project Nova stayed buried...


Woods is in an out of control helicopter. He jumps out just before it crashes.

Woods: Hold the fuck on! Attempting to stabilize!

Hudson: Frank! Do you copy? Do you copy?!

Woods: What's the next objective?

Hudson: Fuckin' A, Frank. You just don't stay down.

Woods clears the area of enemy soldiers and finds no crash surviors.

Woods: Shit. They're all fuckin' dead, Hudson.

Hudson: Second evac coming your way.

Woods: I want to see what these bastards are hiding.

Woods fights through the facilities and finds enemy intel.

Woods: Hudson, I got something. They're doing some sort of rocket testing, not far from here. That fucker Schlussel. He's the new lead.

Hudson: Schlussel? Steiner's protegè? Shit. Russian bastards just can't let Nova go. He's the only one who could continue Steiner's work.

Woods: Well if he's here, he's a fucking dead man.

Woods continues through the facilities.

Hudson: Look alive, Woods. I'll meet you on the other side.

Woods: Ice cube! Welcome to hell!

Woods fights through the soldiers outside and clears the yards. He breaches and clears a room full of enemy soldiers.

Woods: He's here!

Hudson: You have to stop him, Woods. He's got the keys to Nova.

Woods approaches Schlussel, who is cowering behind a file cabinet.

Woods: Hey, Adolf! Stand the fuck up!

He kills him.

Woods: Not anymore, he don't.

Woods leaves the room and sees a helicopter landed outside.

Hudson: Coming around. We aren't done yet.