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For similar playable characters, see Thermal Imaging TV Operator, AC-130 Gunner and Eagle.
Unidentified AC-130H Spectre Gunner
AC-130 HUD of Thunder One-One's Gunner CoD4DS
Nickname(s) AC-130 Gunner
Appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS)
Rank Unknown USAF enlisted rank.
Affiliations United States Air Force
Nationality American
Status Alive
Weapon AC-130's 105mm cannon, 40mm cannon, and 20mm gatling gun.

The Unidentified AC-130 Gunner was a crew member of the AC-130 Thunder One-One. He were assigned to escort Bravo 9 and the rest of his squad on their mission to recover important documents from an Ultranationalist base.

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