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800-120; 256 impact (SP)
155-25; 135 impact (MP)

Magazine Size

1 grenade

Cost (Black Ops)

CoD Points logo BO3000

Starting Ammunition

1 + 1 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

1 + 10 (SP)
1 + 1 (MP)

Reload Time

3.13s (2.3s add time)


7.62 m

Fire Mode


Used by


Console codename(s)

gl (All modes)

The Tishina is a grenade launcher featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is only usable on the AK74u, and is similar to the GP-25 in the fact that it is muzzle-loaded and is mounted on an AK variant.


The Tishina can be found mounted on an AK74u in some missions such as Redemption.


The Tishina does the same damage as the other grenade launchers, with similar statics like a slow reload time and high power. However, the Tishina is unique in the fact that is only attachable to the AK-74u, which is an SMG. Due to the Tishina being available only for this single weapon, and that weapon being frequently used with aim-enhancing attachments or special magazines, the Tishina is a rare sight in Multiplayer, but is equally as deadly as an assault rifle grenade.



  • The grenade loaded in the Tishina is noticeably smaller than the grenades used by the M203 and GP-25; however, this difference has no effect on gameplay.
  • 'Tishina' is a transliteration of the Russian word "тишина", meaning "silence".

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