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BOII Titus-6
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

3 rounds (flechette)
10 rounds (buckshot)


Completing Pyrrhic Victory

Starting Ammunition

3+15 (flechette)
10+30 (buckshot)

Maximum Ammunition

3+15 (flechette)
10+30 (buckshot)

Reload Time

2.9 seconds

Rate of Fire

600 RPM per burst and overall (both flechette and buckshot)

Fire Mode

3-round burst (flechette)
2-round burst (buckshot)

Used by

Section, Harper, Salazar

HUD icon

Titus-6 Pick-Up Icon BOII

"Multi-shot explosive flechette launcher. Press ( / D-pad / 5) to toggle double-burst shotgun fire."
Create-A-Class Description.

The Titus-6 is a Special weapon available for use in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It fires three rounds of high explosive flechette projectiles that stick onto surfaces before exploding; it must be reloaded every time it is fired, as each magazine only contains a single three round burst.

Switching modes folds down the weapon's sight, disabling ADS, and allows it to instead be used as a shotgun. The shotgun works with a two-round burst with a ten-round magazine, and is highly effective against regular infantry in close quarters.



  • The full name for the gun in the HUD changes depending on the selected fire mode; normally it is "Titus-6 Explosive Flechette," but with the shotgun mode selected it becomes "Titus-6 Buckshot".
  • The spread of the Flechette is higher when aiming down the sights. Due to this, the sights on the Titus-6 are virtually useless in some cases.
  • Harper's and Salazar's Explosive Flechette fire in a straight trajectory, unlike the player's, which spreads out in an arc.

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