Tor Missile System Contigency Mw2
Tor Missile System in Contingency
Tor Missile System
Used by Ultranationalists

The Tor Missile System, otherwise known as the SA-15 'Gauntlet', is a mobile surface-to-air (SAM) system capable of shooting down aircraft and UAVs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Edit

Campaign Edit

The Tor Missile System appears for the first time in the level 'Exodus' alongside batteries of ZPU-4 being operated by Ultranationalists. The 75th Ranger Regiment assaults the AA battery installed on the golf course on their way to 4677 Brookmere Road. It is destroyed when James Ramirez calls in an artillery strike on the position to neutralise the site.

The Tor Missile makes an appearance again in the level 'Contingency'. It can be seen being airlifted initially by Mi-17 Helicopters near the beginning of the level. In this mission, it takes a more active role. Depending on the player's actions, if the first Predator Missile fired is not targeted at the two Tor emplacements, one of the Tor batteries will open fire and destroy the Predator Drone, disabling the player from using it until reaching the Submarine Base. If the player chooses not to use the Predator Drone for a certain amount of time when reaching the village, the Tor will also eventually shoot it down. If the player chose to target and destroy them, however, they will be able to use the UAV continuously without having to wait till reaching the Submarine Base. This proves extremely beneficial, especially if played on Veteran difficulty, to quickly and easily eliminate hostile groups of soldiers. Destroying the two Tor emplacements with a single missile will cause Price to state "Nice work on that SAM site".