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Train Bridge
Train BridgeUO3
Previous level Bomber
Next level Sicily 1
Game Call of Duty: United Offensive
Character Sgt. James Doyle
Team SAS, Dutch Resistance
Place Somewhere in Holland, Bomber suggests near the coast, bit the environment resembles Limburg.
Date September 2, 1941, 2200 hours
Objective Help Maj. Ingram and the Dutch Resistance destroy the bridge; escape once the bridge is destroyed.
Enemies German Army

"Train Bridge" is the sixth mission in the Call of Duty: United Offensive campaign.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout



  • When Ingram tells Doyle to detonate the charges on his command, the train will start driving over the bridge. If the player is fast enough, by sprinting down the ridge and onto the rails, he can run into the train and it will simply pass through him. This needs to be done quick as the mission will end if the train passes the bridge without detonating the charges.
  • This level proceeds roughly in a Figure-of-8. 

Video Edit

Call of Duty United Offensive - 06 - Train Bridge 1 210:00

Call of Duty United Offensive - 06 - Train Bridge 1 2

Level gameplay (part 1)
Call of Duty United Offensive - 06 - Train Bridge 2 209:33

Call of Duty United Offensive - 06 - Train Bridge 2 2

Level gameplay (part 2)


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