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The Trample Steam is a buildable device featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and is mainly featured in the Zombies map Die RiseBuried and Borough. Once obtained, it can be placed anywhere on the ground. It will take a brief moment to adjust itself, but once it has been configured, any zombie, Jumping Jack  or player that steps onto the mechanism will be flung a short distance. A Trample Steam activated by a zombie will reset almost instantaneously whereas a Trample Steam activated by a player will take a few seconds to reset. Much like the Turbine and the Zombie Shield, zombies can get stuck in the Trample Steam whilst it primes itself, and it will eventually break from either overuse or their interference.

Parts locations Edit

In Die Rise, all the parts are found in the starting room or in the room adjacent through the door, and in Buried, all the parts are found in the general store.

Chicken wireEdit

In Die Rise it is found either to the left of the first purchasable door, or through the door against the wall to the left. In Buried it is found leaning against the banister upstairs in the General Store.


In Die Rise, it is found either on the lobby desk, or in the corner next to the collapsed stairwell, and in Buried, it is found on the shelves in the middle of the main room in the general store, on the shelf below the half-fallen shelf.


In Die Rise, it is found either halfway up the stair on the left side of the lobby, or straight ahead leaning against the wall to the right, and in Buried, it is on the table in the back room on the second floor.


In Die Rise, it is found either next to a broken chair at the bottom of the right-side stairs in the spawn room or next to the top of the escalator, leaning against the rail, and in Buried, it is found in a barrel below the staircase.


Black Ops 2 Zombies - Quick Trample Steam Guide on Die Rise04:35

Black Ops 2 Zombies - Quick Trample Steam Guide on Die Rise

For a quick guide on how to collect the

trample steam on Die rise, check this video out.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can use it to bridge otherwise un-crossable gaps between the skyscrapers.
  • The Trample Steam can stop fall damage given to the player regardless of the depth of the distance.
  • Using the Trample Steam to kill Jumping Jacks is an efficient method of obtaining the Random Perk Bottle power-up, as it results in guaranteed death and 100% accuracy without the use of any weaponry.
  • The Trample Steam can be destroyed with grenades and semtexes.
  • The Trample Steam cannot fling downed players.
  • 'Trample Steam' is a play on the word 'Trampoline'.
  • Once the Trample Steam is ready, it will function after one second when the flag raises.
  • The Trample Steam is non-soild when holding it.
  • When the player is holding the Trample Steam the melee speed duration is increased.
  • Trample Steam is needed for the High Maintenance easter egg.
  • In Borough, the Trample Steam along with the other buildables are already created. The Trample Steam can be found in the top floor of the building next to the jail house, the courthouse, and the saloon. The location is randomized every game.
  • It is possible to be downed when two players are standing on the trample steam.


  • Vertigoner (10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

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