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Austin, Texas, United States of America
Type of Combat

Tremor is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The map is set in a medical centre, with hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the area.


The map is mostly close-medium range, with some areas that are somewhat long, like at the building near the Federation spawn point The window in this building serves as a good sniping point, as does the roof of a building close the middle of the map. The inside of buildings are mostly close-quarters, as is most of the rest of the map, but certain areas can be good for assault rifles.


  • As its name suggests, the map shakes from tremors every few minutes, which may affect players' aim and vision. There are certain spots on the map that while the map is shaking, players standing on those spots will take small damage. Example: a large pot hole with what looks like a broken pipeline on fire, and a man hole will rise up from the ground. Also, there is a telephone pole that will fall on a police car and crush it. If a player is on top of the car while the pole is falling, they will die. Certain buildings will also take damage, such as the one next to the food vender.
  • There are a few yellow dumpsters that when approached, show an icon of a box above an arrow, these dumpsters can be pushed and one of which can be used to reach a broken fire escape staircase (I.M.S. systems on the dumpsters will also move with the dumpsters when pushed.)




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