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Mw3 hijack
Previous level Persona Non Grata (in-game)
Hunter Killer (chronologically)
Next level Back on the Grid
Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Character Andrei Harkov
Team FSO
Place Il-96-300PU, "Command Point" (Onboard the Russian President's Airplane)
Date October 3rd, 2016 - 18:30:27
Objective Escort the President.
Move to guard position.
Lead the President to safety.
Secure the President's daughter.
Lead the President to the safe room. [Failed]
Follow the Commander.
Secure the President. [Failed]
Enemies Inner Circle, Vladimir Makarov
Console codename hijack
Special Ops Milehigh Jack and Hostage Taker
Milehigh Jack and Turbulence airplane minimap MW3
Turbulence and Hostage Taker minimap MW3
"Protect the Russian peace delegation en route to Hamburg."
— Level description

"Turbulence" is the fifth mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The player starts off as Andrei Harkov, an FSO agent, on a plane with the Russian President, Boris Vorshevsky, speaking to his daughter about the peace conference in Hamburg.



Harkov, one of the President's bodyguards on his protection detail, enters a room with President Vorshevsky, who sits down with a group of men discussing the peace he wants to create with the west. As President Vorshevsky is arguing with Vasili Zhukov, he is interrupted by muffled gunfire; at this point the plane is attacked by hijackers, in an attempt to capture the President.

The President hits the floor with agents covering him, and the player is tasked with defending him. Three hijackers assault the room, but Pudovkin and Harkov dispatch them in close-quarters combat with their service pistols, the Five Seven. The agents start to move the President to the plane's safe room. They move through the plane's interior, and as they near a staircase which is the scene of a battle between agents and hijackers, the plane stalls, sending it plummeting towards the ground. This puts the inside of the plane in a temporary state of zero gravity in which Harkov and the other agents frequently smash into overhead compartments. During this period of no gravity, the agents are able eliminate the hostiles.

After clearing the room of all the hijackers, the agents move downstairs, and fight their way through the kitchen, the operations room, and the cargo bay to rescue Alena Vorshevsky, the president's daughter. The FSO team start to move the President and his daughter to the safe room, but before they can do so, the plane is forced to make an emergency landing. As hijackers pour in to engage the agents, the plane crashes into the ground. The force of the crash tears the plane in two, and the hijackers are still attempting to kill the agents when the portion of the plane they are in hits an air control tower. Federov falls from the plane, and an engine from the plane hurtles through the air, striking the portion of the plane Harkov is in, knocking him out.

Pudovkin drags Harkov onto his feet, and the two stumble out of the wreckage. After exiting the remains of the plane, the agents search for the now missing President. Moving past wounded agents and hijackers, they approach a hangar. Hijackers in armored vehicles start to fill the area, and the agents are forced to use wreckage and luggage as cover. Once the security team secures the President, a helicopter lands to evacuate the President. After opening the door to the helicopter, Harkov discovers that it belongs to Makarov, who then proceeds to shoot him, as well as Pudovkin, and captures the President. Harkov and Pudovkin fall to the ground, Makarov effectively killing Pudovkin with another shot. While Harkov is lying on the ground, wounded, he can overhear a conversation between Makarov and President Vorshevsky.

Makarov demanded the launch codes to secure his dominion over Russia, thus turning the tide against the West. However, the President refused to give up the launch codes, instead calling Makarov a madman. Furious with his stance, Makarov ordered his men to find Alena Vorshevsky. As Harkov tries to reach his gun, Makarov, noticing his movement, shoots him a second time, killing him.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Campaign - Turbulence10:29

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Campaign - Turbulence

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout
Found in level

Intel ItemsEdit

12. In the cabin at the beginning of the mission, go down a set of stairs. Keep going straight; after entering a kitchen area. the intel is on the right on top of a counter.

13. Once the plane has crashed, continue forward, a large tree is in the way and has to be jumped over. Just on the other side of the tree, sitting in the snow, is this piece of intel.

MW3 - Intel Locations - Turbulence - Mission 4 - Scout Leader Achievement Trophy guide00:46

MW3 - Intel Locations - Turbulence - Mission 4 - Scout Leader Achievement Trophy guide

Intel locations



  • In the opening cutscene, a dossier of Makarov from Interpol states his full name is "Sergei L. Makarov."
  • In this level a guard named Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko can be found, since the FSO draw names from the Loyalists' name pool in Call of Duty 4
  • In the conference room, a small statue of a man and woman holding the hammer and sickle, symbols of the previous Soviet regime, can be seen on a shelf.
  • Soviet torn flag Turbulence MW3

    The ripped and torn flag.

    A ripped and torn flag of the Soviet Union can be seen in the President's office.
  • President Vorshevsky's line "We destroy our enemies when we make friends with them" is a paraphrase of an Abraham Lincoln quote, "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"
  • The Five Seven has a unique reload animation in the zero-gravity showdown.
  • MiGs Turbulence MW3

    One of the MiG-29s seen at the beginning of the level.

    If the player looks out of the windows before entering the briefing room, one can see two MiG-29s escorting the plane. When entering the room right after the briefing room, one can still see the MiG-29s, but they pull up and climb away, and they are never seen or heard from for the remainder of the level.
  • When the player opens the helicopter's doors at the end of the mission, the player will notice that Makarov's name is shown in green as if he was a friendly.
  • This level bears many similarities to the movie Air Force One.
  • If the player stands too close to the edge of the airplane as it breaks into two, there will be an animation of the player tumbling out of the plane, and they will also receive a death text that reads "Stay away from the edge to prevent falling out".
  • In the starting area, there is a glass display mounted on a wall. Inside the display, there are small models of a MiG-29 and a T-72 tank.
  • After the plane crashed, as you emerge from the wreckage with Commander Leonid Pudovkin, the player can hear radio transmissions from FSO agents talking about how the hijackers have breached the plane.
  • While on board the plane, one of the enemies has a PP90M1 or AK-74u with every attachment on it, although, it cannot be obtained.
  • If the player looks at their minimap's compass, they will see that the plane is apparently flying north. However, if the plane was going from Moscow to Hamburg, it would be going west, not north.
  • The AK-74u has a unique reloading animation during the zero-gravity sequence of the mission. The reloading animation shows the player throwing the magazine away and it spinning in mid air, as opposed to it simply falling off screen.
  • In the room where the President speaks, the TV shows the same news of the invasion on New York City two months ago. The TV is soon turned off once inside in the room.
  • In the Wii version of the game, Vladimir Makarov's head clips through the roof of the helicopter.
  • In the starting cabin, there is a technology magazine on the left with the headline "Bearded Man Invents Time Travel".
Bearded Man Invents Time Travel Turbulence MW3

The technology magazine with an interesting cover.

  • Twice in the mission, two blue/black peaked caps can be found. These peaked caps strangely resembles East German military hat pins. The first is in the beginning of the level, found on a table, and the second one is on the ground after exiting the crashed plane.
  • When nearing the cockpit, the commander will pin an enemy to the floor and shoot him. Although the commander misses, the soldier still dies.
  • The picture depicting the mission strangely replaces Anya Kovaleva's model with an FSO agent's.
  • Before getting out of the crashed plane, one should see a Scavenger pack at the left side.
  • If the Player drops the Five Seven during the Zero Gravity sequence, then proceeds to pick it up after the Zero Gravity sequence ends, the Five Seven will retain it's Zero Gravity status (alternate reload, sideways,etc.), and it will have the pickup icon of the M9.
Five Seven Tac Knife Silencer MW3

Unusual Five Seven.

  • When using out off the plane before it crashes, it is possible to see that the crashed plane model is already placed on the ground. This can be also seen if the player looks through the window to the right before the plane stops moving.
  • This is the first mission in the entire Call of Duty series where the player must fail their primary objective in order to advance in the game.
  • If using noclip, in the inaccessible room that next to the starting room, it is possible to see an unusual Five Seven, with a silencer and a Tactical Knife, but the Tactical Knife is placed inside the gun. This kind of gun is seen later in Blood Brothers, in the One Shot, One Kill flashback, where some P99s have the same, unusual look.
  • The AK-74us of the guards in the conference room seem to come out of nowhere.
  • Andrei Harkov is shown in the intro sequence with a scribbled out picture and the words "Inside man?" written above his name.
  • In the conference room, the male politicians are using a model with a gun holstered on their pants, instead of using them. They just take cover without drawing them, as if they had no weapons.
  • After the zero gravity scene, the player can see two FSO agents attempting to open the cockpit. Later, when they say that it's stuck, the player can notice that the agents fall to the ground, as if they were shot.
  • In the Special Ops mission "Hostage Taker" the player must rescue the President's daughter from Makarov's men. The mission seems to take place right after the mission Turbulence. As the FSO Agent said "Hostile Squads are sweeping the wreckage for Alena." What he said proves that the mission takes place right after Turbulence.
  • The helicopter Makarov arrives in can crush the player, even if they are in prone.
  • The zero gravity sequence could be a reference to the zero-gravity fight scene in Inception.
  • In the briefing video, the Il-96PU is depicted as a single decker aircraft, though, in game, it is depicted as a double-decker plane.


  • Frequent Flyer (10 Gamerscore/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Defend the Russian President. Complete "Turbulence" on any difficulty
  • Flight Attendant (Hidden) (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill all 5 enemies during the zero-g sequence in "Turbulence."


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